Happy New Year from MMGH Consulting

Dear friends and colleagues,

During these first days of 2018 we are reflecting on the year that just finished with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Professionally, 2017 was a very special year for us. Thanks to the trust of many of you, the creation and launch of MMGH (Malvolti Mantel Global Health) Consulting developed into a noticeable success! Establishing a company is not a trivial exercise and requires courage, attention to detail, and quite a bit of unruliness. Both of us felt that the right moment in our professional career had come for doing this and now, about 12 months after our first discussions, we are happy and gratified with the outcome.

We have found ourselves engaged in a number of very interesting projects and were able to contribute to the progress of important initiatives such as the development of a new strategy for the Global Task Force for Cholera Control or the mid-term review of the Regional Strategic Plan for Immunisation in the WHO African Region. Other relevant projects are ongoing – we would like to mention our work for developing a business case for a schistosomiasis vaccine, the ongoing support for the Maternal Immunisation and Antenatal Care Situational Analysis as well as our contributions to the process design of the new Global Vaccine Action Plan 2021-2030. In addition, some highly interesting projects are about to start this year, which we hope to be able to update you on soon.

More importantly, and based on the feedback received from our clients, we feel that we were able to live up to the mission statement we chose for MMGH Consulting: “Translating scientific evidence, data and knowledge into strategies and activities with a direct impact on people’s health”. This is the most significant outcome, this was our motivation at the beginning of this journey and this is what commits us in our daily work.

We wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to those of you who have placed their trust in a ‘newcomer’ in the field and have chosen MMGH as partner in their important endeavours. Secondly, to acknowledge the excellent work of our associates and colleagues who closely collaborated with MMGH Consulting over the past months and without whom we would not have been able to complete all of our projects. And finally, to update those whom we may not yet have been able to inform, of our new collaborative enterprise.

We wish you a very productive and impactful year 2018 and look forward to meeting and working with you again soon.


Stefano Malvolti & Carsten Mantel

Co-founders of MMGH Consulting GmbH

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