MMGH supports a variety of clients and initiatives in Global Health, including the World Health Organization (Headquarters and Regional Offices for Africa, Europe and Western Pacific), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Task Force for Cholera Control (GTFCC); across the entire life-cycle of products and programs.



Maternal immunization and antenatal care service delivery situational analysis

  • Support to WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) in conducting a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-sponsored project summarizing the status of maternal immunization delivery strategies in low and middle-income countries. This includes developing a typology classifying health systems in terms of how they are delivering vaccines to pregnant women and exploring approaches to improving country readiness to deliver new maternal vaccines.

Definition of the governance setup, funding framework and costing for the new strategy “Ending Cholera: A Global Roadmap to 2030

  • Support to the Global Task Force for Cholera Control in the definition of the new Cholera Control strategy. MMGH focused on the design of the governance setup and funding framework as well as the costing of the Democratic Republic of Congo case study. The strategy has been endorsed in October 2017 by the Cholera Stakeholders meeting in Annecy.

Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) 2021-2030 – process design and stakeholder assessment

  • Support to the WHO GVAP Secretariat in developing a process and likely structure of the GVAP follow-up plan for the period 2021-2030. MMGH performed in-depth consultations with key stakeholders, and presented summary findings and the suggested way forward to the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) in Immunization including the development of a timeline and plan of operations for submission of the new GVAP to the 2020 World Health Assembly.



Typhoid vaccine policy recommendations through the WHO SAGE Working Groups

  • Support to the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) in facilitating a SAGE Working Group review of the scientific evidence and programmatic considerations in support of the use of typhoid vaccines with a focus on typhoid conjugate vaccines. The new typhoid vaccine recommendations were discussed and endorsed by the WHO SAGE in October 2017.

Development of guidelines on equity in immunization

  • Support to the WHO Regional Office for Europe in developing guidelines and a White Paper on equity in immunization as part of the update of the Regional Vaccine Action Plan for the European Region.



Definition of the business case for a Schistosomiasis vaccine

  • Support to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in assessing the public health and financial viability of a vaccine for Schistosomiasis. MMGH coordinated a group of experts for the definition of the vaccine use cases and preferred product characteristics worked with modelers to assess the epidemiological and economic impact, assessed the regulatory, product development and vaccine delivery strategy, and assembled the business case.

Revision of the Terms of reference of WHO’s Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (IPAC)

  • Assistance to the WHO IPAC secretariat in revising the committee’s TOR. MMGH supported the secretariat and chair of IPAC in aligning the functions of the committee with the new WHO structure and workplan as well as with those of other WHO global immunization advisory groups, based on information collected by MMGH during a series of in-depth stakeholder interviews and discussions.

Assessment of the Oral Cholera Vaccine working group of the Global Task Force for Cholera Control (GTFCC)

  • Support to the WHO Infectious Hazard Management (IHM) team in assessing the functioning of the OCV working group of the GTFCC. MMGH performed stakeholder interviews and prepared a White Paper that summarized successes and areas for improvement contributing to the redesign of the WG processes.


MMGH presents the outcome of the OCV WG assessment – Lagos, September 2017



Review of Gavi supported data strengthening activities

  • Support to the Monitoring & Evaluation unit of the Gavi Secretariat. MMGH performed a review and synthesis of Gavi-funded data strengthening partner (WHO, UNICEF, US CDC, WB) activities and presented findings at a Monitoring, Data Systems and Strategic Information partner workshop which defined the future direction of this work.



Market Information for Access to Vaccine (MI4A) Initiative

  • Support to the WHO Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) in partnership with Linksbridge SPC for the piloting and establishment of a new initiative aimed at 

    enhancing countries access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable vaccines. MMGH manages the consultation with manufacturers, the definition of the methodological aspects of the project, the assessment of current and future supply and the identification of bottlenecks on the supply-demand balance and potential mitigating measures. More information can be found at: Market Information for Access to Vaccines

    MI4A logo

Support to Lao PDR in the development of HPV and Rotavirus vaccine applications for Gavi support

  • Assistance to the Ministry of Health and the WHO Country Office of Lao PDR with Gavi vaccine applications. MMGH supported the country in updating its comprehensive multiyear plan for immunization, in preparing detailed introduction plans for HPV and rotavirus vaccines, facilitating NITAG and ICC discussions and decisions, finalizing the draft Gavi application packages for submission and incorporating comments and suggestions made by Gavi’s Independent Review Committee.

Definition of a capacity building framework for the Country Programmes department of Gavi

  • Support to the Country Programmes Department of the Gavi Secretariat in defining its competency model and related training program. Partnering with Gavi’s Human Resources and Knowledge Management department and by conducting focus group discussions, MMGH identified the key elements of the competency model and designed assessment tools and a training curriculum.



Evaluation of enteric fever surveillance pilot program

  • Support to the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) in assessing the feasibility and reliability of integrating surveillance of invasive salmonellosis in the WHO-coordinated Global Invasive Bacterial Vaccine Preventable Disease Surveillance Network. MMGH performed clinical and laboratory site evaluations in pilot sites in Ghana, Uganda, Bangladesh and India.



Mid-Term review of the Regional Strategic Plan for Immunization for the African Region

  • Support to the WHO Regional Office for Africa in performing the mid-term review of the Regional Strategic Plan for Immunization 2014-2020. MMGH prepared an extensive desk review, facilitated a face-to-face session of the external review panel at AFRO HQ, summarized and consolidated review findings, assisted the review panel in the development of recommendations and in the presentation of a final evaluation report to the AFRO Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Group.


MMGH facilitates the Mid-term review of the AFRO Regional Strategic Plan on Immunisation – Brazzaville, October 2017

Evaluation of seasonal influenza vaccination approaches in pilot countries in three regions

  • Assistance to the WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) in the development and pilot testing of a seasonal influenza vaccination post introduction tool in three middle-income countries (Thailand, Morocco, Belarus). MMGH was instrumental in the preparation and conduct of these pilot evaluations including the collection and documentation of first-hand experiences and lessons learned, the provision of summary reports and of spin-off publications.

Post-mortem evaluation of the Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign in Haiti

  • Support to the Infectious Hazard Management (IHM) team in performing an evaluation of the management processes of the OCV campaign in Haiti. MMGH conducted interviews with the key actors and stakeholders and summarized the key findings to support the GTFCC processes re-engineering discussion.


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