Translational strategies and policies for Global Health

Founded in 2017, MMGH is an advisory and consulting firm assisting public and non-profit clients in translating scientific evidence, data and knowledge into strategies and actions with a direct impact on people’s health. MMGH also assists clients with evaluating programmes and advise on corrective actions required. MMGH’s focus and expertise are primarily centred on vaccine-preventable, infectious and communicable diseases as well as neglected tropical diseases.

Leveraging the extensive experience of its partners, their in-depth established knowledge and relations with all key global health players and a network of advisors at the global, regional and country level, MMGH provides its clients with expertise and insights to:

  • Inform and evaluate health policies and strategies based on a review of existing evidence.
  • Design and support implementation of health interventions that generate high impact in countries.
  • Design and conduct epidemiological studies and operational research
  • Monitor and evaluate health and surveillance programmes at the global, regional and national levels.
  • Support product development plans in all phases of clinical development, with a specialty in vaccines against important neglected and epidemic-prone diseases.
  • Enhance access to vaccines through the assessment of market forces; the design of sound procurement approaches; and support for the development, implementation and evaluation of global, regional and national procurement strategies and operational plans.

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